"When What You Want Is a Funnel, Not a Sieve!"

Done 4 You Marketing Funnel Creation and SteadyTIDE.com
are the perfect combination for business prosperity.

""Ensuring YOU ATTRACT leads, CONVERT prospects, and RETAIN customers in order to grow strong businesses while enjoying greater freedom and flexibility  to live."

Let's face it, IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME - Time better spent at your craft and nurturing your customers, or Nurturing your FAMILY and Friends - to build and maintain an effective lead gathering and prospect progressing funnel system. SteadyTIDE.com and Done 4 You Funnel Creations have removed every barrier that hinders the marketing savvy entrepreneur from truly excelling at the task of lead capture and customer retention, while at the same time freeing you to do the creative tasks you went into business to do. 

Done 4 You Funnel Creation eliminates the stress and time waste from your busy life while keeping you in the drivers seat at every step of the way.  As much or as little control as you want to be involved with. In the unified application of SteadyTIDE.com, every facet of your business is managed while also giving you EVERY CRITICAL COMPONENT OF EFFECTIVE MARKETING in one single application and one single login, with one single list, along with the training, mentoring, and support needed to achieve your greatest goals. 

At SteadyTIDE.com and Done 4 You Funnels, we recognize three things:

  1. An Effective Lead Capture Funnel is IMPERATIVE for the GROWTH and LIFE of your business.  

  2. Creating and Maintenance of "The Funnel" is Time Consuming and Complex

  3. Using the "POPULAR" CRM systems available is -  
       a.  EXPENSIVE
       c.  INEFFECTIVE

That is why at SteadyTIDE.com Marketing and Mentoring we have created Done 4 You Funnel Creation. There is no equal to it anywhere in the CRM marketplace. We Guarantee it. No other CRM offers the training, support, design, and industry leader trained staff that SteadyTIDE.com and Done 4 You Funnels provide you. Easy, Freedom, Expertise, Fun. That is what you will have when you work with us.


Are you an AFFILIATE MARKETER or want to be?  Check out Done 4 You and SteadyTIDE.com's Affiliate programs and start making money today. 

             The Marketing Funnel is really about 1 thing,ebook 

  Creating Relationships so that leads become customers.  

     The only way for that to happen is found in the eWookbook

          "Three Rules To Better Relationships".  

 Brett has allowed for these BUSINESS CHANGING SECRETS to be    offered FREE.  To truly be able to take advantage of the Three Rules you must be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  1. Do you have business that is dependent on the gathering and retaining of good leads?

  2. Would your business benefit from a focused system of lead conversion?

  3. Retaining of current customers and increasing their  purchasing would impact our bottom line.

  If that is you, and you want to learn the powerful proven strategies to enhance the relationships you have with your customers, then download "THREE RULES" today below. 

You will receive the Three Rules Workbook when you confirm your email.


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We understand what it is to be an entrepreneur and we apply time proven marketing principles taught by the industry leaders, for example:

  • Multiple Offers
  • Repeated Messages
  • Specific Targeted Market Audience
  • Print and eMail/electronic Media
  • Multiple Forms of Opt-in
  • Constant Relevant Communication

 As entrepreneurs ourselves we know how absolutely frustrating is can be to manage the 4-5 different  (and often incompatible) systems required for effective lead generation marketing campaigns and prospect conversion, including

We will take your message and combine it with the proven steps for lead capture in the ONLY ALL - IN - ONE completely integrated and fully tracked CRM available.  Compare us to the others and you will soon agree that there really is nothing like it SteadyTIDE and Done 4 You Funnels anywhere. 

You choose the complexity, and you choose the message.  We will take our experience and expertise with the SteadyTIDE.com marketing capabilities and build the lead capture funnel you need to Attract, Convert, and Retain valuable customers and begin to live the life you have dreamt of. 

You are always in control.  We will not launch anything until you are satisfied. You are free to enjoy running your business with feeling like you are run by your business. Contact us today.  The sooner you start, the faster the results will come into your accounts.   Complete the form below and start today.

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