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Done 4 You Funnel Creation Plans

Being expert in the creation of the marketing funnel, Done 4 You Funnel creation has four very simple plans that allow you to get back to what you are expert in.  You choose the level of funnel creation neededand we will do the rest.  Each month we will work with you to create a new funnel to match your new marketing campaign.  We will leave the old funnel up and quietly running bringing in leads as long as it is active.

Every Done 4 You Funnel creation package includes a 25% off discount code for your subscription to Combining the tools and mentoring of SteadyTIDE with Done 4 You Funnels really frees you to  enjoy the benefits of owning your own business - profits, flexibility, and freedom by Attracting, Converting, and Retaining high quality profitable customers

Getting started is simple. JUST CLICK THE PLAN THAT BEST SUITS YOUR MARKETING NEEDS. Start today and see results tomorrow!

Plan 1 Basic $225 monthly Plan 2 Intermediate $350 monthly Plan 3 Professional $575 Plan 4 Master Marketer 15% off list 

1 Landing page associated with your current campaign including opt-in form and one call in line

1 Custom confirmation email with secondary offer 

1 Thank  you Landing page after confirmation

2 drip emails scheduled to follow up with the opt-in again entice to buy up.


1 Primary landing page 

1 Secondary Offer landing page after opt-in completed

1 Custom confirmation email with secondary offer

1 Thank You landing page after confirmation

4 drip emails

1 Primary landing page as above

1 Opt-in landing page redirect with Secondary offer

1 Custom confirmation email with offer

1 Confirmation landing page redirect with back up offer.

1 Custom confirmation email for secondary offer.

1 Follow-up email after completion of opt-in confirmations.

8 drip emails


Up to 3 specific campaigns.  You choose the level of funnel desired and combine the total.  

Example - you choose to have 2 Plan 2 funnels and one Plan 3 funnels.  That totals $1275 a month.

Apply your multiple plan discount and your total for 9 Landing Pages, 21 emails for only $1083.75.  

Done 4 You Funnel Creation takes the stress and time waste out of your busy life while keeping you in the drivers seat at every step of the way.  As much or as little control as you want to be involved with.

We will take your message and combine it with the proven steps for lead capture in the ONLY ALL - IN - ONE completely integrated and fully tracked CRM available.  Compare us to the others and you will soon agree that there really is nothing like it SteadyTIDE and Done 4 You Funnels anywhere.  

Each month, with each new campaign, a new funnel.  The old funnel still churning away in the background and the new funnel adding to it.  SIMPLE. 

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